Pay By Phone Casinos Ireland 2023

Pay by phone casino sites have entered the online gambling market in Ireland. A few years ago nobody would have guessed that we’d be able to deposit at mobile casinos and charge it to our phone bills. Today, phone bill casino websites are popping up around every virtual corner.

Pay by phone is an instant and secure depositing solution that players can begin using straight away, without the need to register separate accounts. We will discuss all the important aspects of pay by phone casinos on this page including the process, fees, limits, times, and more.

What is a Pay By Phone Casino?

Pay by phone casinos are online casinos that let players deposit using their mobile phone credit or landline credit. When prepay mobile phone users deposit at pay by phone casinos, the value of the deposit is deducted from their prepay balance. When bill pay mobile phone users deposit, the value of the deposit is added to their monthly mobile phone bill. Landline phone customers can also deposit at pay by phone casinos and the value of the deposit will be added to their monthly landline phone bill.

Pay by phone casinos don’t only support the pay by phone deposit method. They also offer alternative payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, direct transfers, and prepaid vouchers. On this page, we refer to online casinos that allow players to make phone bill deposits to their online casino accounts as ‘pay by phone casinos’.

What is a Pay By Phone Casino?

Criteria in choosing Pay by Phone casinos

The first thing to do when evaluating pay by phone casinos is to validate the casinos’ licences to ensure that they are legitimate. Stick to online casinos with trustworthy licences such as an Irish gambling licence and remote gambling licences issued by trustworthy authorities like the UK Gambling Commission.

Next, make sure that the online casino has good data protection policies and online security measures in place. This will protect your personal and financial information when you make payments. Also, assess the payment fees and check whether or not the casino supports your preferred currency.

If you are thinking about claiming bonus offers at pay by phone casinos, read the terms and conditions of the different types of bonuses that the casinos offer. The bonus terms can vary drastically from one casino to another.

Finding out more about the casino’s reputation by reading online reviews can be very helpful. What other players think of an online casino is a very important criterion. If the majority of the reviews are bad, then you can be quite sure that it’s not one of the best pay by phone casinos.

Lastly, evaluate the quality of the games, the standard of customer service, and the process for deposits and withdrawals.

How to Start with Pay by Phone Casinos

Pay by phone casinos are relatively new so plenty of players don't know how to use this payment method even though they would like to. With these easy steps you can start playing at pay by phone casinos in no time!
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: Mobile Supply needed: Money
Choose a pay by phone casino
Choose a pay by phone casino Browse our list of top pay by phone casinos and choose the casino that appeals to you. Consider the other payment methods that the casinos offer, the bonuses, the terms and conditions of the bonuses, and the game selection. Step 1
Register at the casino
Register at the casino Sign up for an account at the pay by phone casino that you chose. Signing up is free, it only takes a minute or two, and you won't be asked to provide your financial information. Step 2
Open the deposits page
Open the deposits page Once you are logged into your new pay by phone casino account, open the deposits page. Claim a bonus if there are bonus offers available on the deposit page. Don't claim a bonus if you don't want one. Step 3
Select pay by phone as your payment method
Select pay by phone as your payment method Choosing pay by phone as your deposit method is usually straightforward because most online casinos only support one pay by phone method. However, if the casino supports more than one pay by phone method then it's up to you decide which one you prefer to use. Step 4
Complete your deposit
Complete your deposit Enter the amount that you want to deposit in the space provided and hit the enter button or click on the icon and proceed. You will receive a code via text message that you must insert into the space provided on the pay by phone casino's website. Once you've entered the code the deposit is complete and you can begin playing! Step 5

How Pay by Phone casinos work?

The good news is that pay by phone casinos work the same way as other online casinos work. The only real difference with pay by phone casinos is that they offer players the luxury of being able to top up their casino balances using their prepay or bill pay phones.

At pay by phone casinos, you can make instant deposits and the value of the deposits will be deducted from your phone’s balance if you are a prepay customer. It will be added to your phone bill if you are a bill pay customer. Most pay by phone companies offer the service free of charge and many pay by phone casinos don’t charge fees for this payment method either.

To enjoy the benefits of pay by phone casinos you first need to register an account with one. Once you are registered and logged into your account, you can open the deposit page and select the pay by phone payment method of your choice (some pay by phone casinos offer more than one option). Follow the prompts given by the online casino to begin playing in a matter of minutes.

Different Types of Pay by Phone Services

The pay by phone bill payment method gives players a stress-free depositing experience at online casinos. Some online casinos don’t even require players to complete the KYC process if they are depositing with their phone credit. However, there are less favorable aspects of paying by phone to consider. The providers available to you will depend on your mobile operator and there are deposit limits when using this method.

On the other hand, pay by phone methods, such as mobile payment applications and e-wallet apps, don’t restrict deposits as much. We’ll look at some of the prominent pay by phone methods below.


Boku is a mobile payment company that lets users pay for goods, services, and virtual products by charging them to their mobile phone bills. At online casinos that offer Boku payments, you can top up your casino balance via your mobile phone. When you want to deposit, choose Boku as your payment method and follow the prompts given by the online casino.

Both prepay and bill pay mobile users can make use of this pay by phone method. Bill pay users are charged on their mobile phone accounts whereas prepay users must have enough credit loaded on their mobiles.


PayForIt is almost identical to Boku. It is a mobile payment method that lets you deposit at online casinos. The value of your deposit is charged to your mobile phone bill if you are a bill pay customer. If you are a prepay mobile user, the value of the deposit is deducted from your mobile credit balance.

PayForIt deposits are instant and the company does not charge for processing online casino transactions. You cannot withdraw using PayForIt as your payment method. The limit on transactions is €30, which means that the maximum deposit that can be made is also €30.

Siru Mobile

Siru Mobile was launched in 2011. This mobile payment method is essentially the same as Boku and PayForIt. You can use it to deposit at online casinos. When you initiate a deposit, you simply select Siru Mobile as your payment method and follow the prompts. The deposit is deducted from the credit on a prepay customer’s phone and bill pay customers will be charged onto their accounts.

Siru Mobile imposes a maximum transaction limit of €300. This doesn’t mean that you will be able to deposit €300 at all online casinos since every casino has its own limits in place for different payment methods.


Zimpler is an online payment method that can be used from your mobile phone. It is different to the previous three pay by phone methods discussed because the value of your deposit is not deducted from your mobile credit or added to your mobile phone bill.

When you use Zimpler to make a payment or deposit at pay by phone casinos, the funds are taken from your bank account. The benefits of using Zimpler are that you can make bigger deposits and you can withdraw using the same method. You will need to register first.

Other Payment Methods

There are many other ways to deposit at online casinos using your mobile phone aside from the pay by phone methods that we already covered. Many e-wallets have mobile apps that support casino deposits.

Other payment methods that are supported at online casinos include debit cards, credit cards and prepaid vouchers. Another pay by phone method that is increasing in popularity in Ireland is the landline phone bill payment method. Let’s look at mobile apps and landline casino deposits in more detail.

Mobile Apps Deposit

Mobile apps that facilitate mobile payment methods are typically linked to e-wallets, so you need to register an e-wallet account before you can begin transacting with your mobile phone. Most e-wallets need to be funded before you can begin using them to transact.

Popular e-wallets that have mobile apps are Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and MuchBetter. Other types of mobile deposit methods include Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Android mobile users can download mobile apps to deposit at online casinos from the Google Play Store and iOS users can download them from the App Store.

Landline Casino Deposit

Deposits at landline pay by phone casinos work the same way as pay by phone mobile casino deposits do. The value of your casino deposit is added to your landline phone bill. Landline deposits are instant but there is usually a limit on casino deposits within 24 hours.

To deposit at landline pay by phone casinos, navigate to the deposit screen, select ‘Pay by Phone’ or ‘BT landline deposit’ or ‘Landline’. The terminology used depends on the online casino. Insert the amount you want to deposit and confirm the transaction. You will then receive a code via an incoming landline call.

Deposits and Withdrawal Limits with Pay by Phone Bill Casino

Pay by phone casinos offer a convenient deposit method, especially for players that don’t want to provide online casinos with their e-wallet, bank account or credit card details. However, players need to realise that the pay by phone payment method can only be used for phone bill depositing. It cannot be used for withdrawals. If you win money at an online casino and want to cash it out, you will have to provide the casino with the details of one of your accounts.

While deposits at pay by phone casinos are instant, they are capped at €30 per day. Your monthly limit depends on your spend limit with your mobile service provider. With landline pay by phone deposits, both the daily and monthly limits are determined by your landline provider. Keep in mind that online casinos can implement their own deposit limits on the payment methods that they support.

Depositing Times and Fees

Two appealing features of mobile pay by phone deposits are that they are instant and free. Siru Mobile, Boku, and PayForIt do not charge fees for the service and they process it instantly. However, It’s always a good idea to check the casino’s ‘Payments’ or ‘Banking’ page to determine if there are any fees charged for mobile deposit methods.

When you deposit money from your bank, there are almost always fees, and transfer times can take up to two hours in some cases. On the other hand, online casinos usually support much larger bank deposits than pay by phone deposits.

Mobile Casino Games you can play with Pay by Phone

There’s good news for players who prefer pay by phone casinos: mobile casinos and online casinos do not differentiate between pay by phone deposits and card deposits. Regardless of the method that you use, you will have access to the same games.

If you deposit at an online casino and charge it to your phone bill, you can play all the same games as you usually can using other deposit methods. This includes slots, table games, card games, and even live dealer games.

Online Slots

Once you have completed a deposit at a pay by phone casino, you can navigate to the casino’s slots area and decide which slot you would like to play. Online casinos typically group their slots into different categories. Whether you are playing on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, the phone bill slots that you are looking for should be easy to find. Don’t be thrown off by the term ‘phone bill slots’. It’s just a term that means a player deposited via phone bill and is playing the online slots. It’s similar to using the term ‘mobile slots’ when playing the slots on mobile.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world and, luckily, it is offered by almost every online and mobile casino – at least the casinos recommended on this site. Once your pay by phone casino deposit has been credited to your balance, you can open the blackjack game of your choice and begin playing.

Since pay by phone casino deposits are relatively small, it would be a good idea to choose a table with low minimum bets. This will allow you to enjoy a few rounds of blackjack for a longer time.

Online Roulette

If you deposit with pay by phone casinos and feel like playing roulette, remember to choose your bets wisely. You won’t have a large bankroll since this method has maximum daily limits, so you must have a strategy if you feel like extending your game time. However, if you only have time for a short game session and feel like betting riskier, then go ahead.

Inside bets, also known as bets on numbers, have a lower probability of winning but they payout much higher than outside bets. Outside bets generally keep players at the roulette table for longer.

Table Games

As you may have noticed by now, players who deposit with pay by phone casinos can access all the games that the online casino offers. As with blackjack and roulette, pay by phone casino players can also enjoy craps, baccarat, poker, and all the other table games available.

The only thing that you need to consider when playing table games at pay by phone casinos is the length of time that you would like to continue playing for. Some table games have a very high minimum bet, so make sure that you know what it is before you place a bet.

Live Casino Games

Back when live dealer games first entered the online casino industry, they were reserved for players with extravagant bankrolls. Everything has changed since then. The popularity of live casinos games has resulted in many competitive live dealer studios driving down the cost of playing at live dealer tables.

Today, players with smaller bankrolls have access to almost all the live dealer games offered. It’s not a problem that pay by phone casino players are restricted to €30 deposits a day because bets at the live dealer tables start from as little as €0.20. Don’t forget to check the bet size before you start playing!

Pros and Cons of Pay by Phone Casinos

It is undeniable that pay by phone casinos have many benefits. Depositing at pay by phone casinos is convenient, free, and you don’t have to supply the casinos with your financial information when you deposit.

Pay by phone casinos don’t only offer pay by phone deposits. You can deposit with many different methods including e-wallets, debit cards, credit cards, and vouchers. If you pay by phone bill and lose your deposit but you still feel like playing, you can always use a different deposit method to top up your casino account.

To recap, here are the pros of pay by phone casinos:

A major disadvantage is that you cannot withdraw using pay by phone, so if you win, you will have to supply pay by phone casinos with your e-wallet, bank, or credit card details before you can withdraw your funds.

The maximum daily deposit limit is another drawback. However, pay by phone casinos do offer other deposit methods. A disadvantage that only applies to landline pay by phone bill players is that you will only be able to deposit when you are at home. This is because you receive a landline phone call with a special code that completes the deposit.

Here are the cons of pay by phone casinos in a nutshell:

Pay by Phone Casino Bonuses

Bonus hunters will be happy to hear that they can take advantage of the same casino bonus offers when paying by phone. However, certain online casinos exclude specific methods. It’s best to check the bonus terms before depositing.

Pay by Phone Casino FAQs

How Safe Is a Pay by Mobile Phone Bill?

Pay by mobile phone bill is a particularly safe online payment method because the only detail that you need to supply an online casino or vendor to complete a transaction is your mobile phone number. Once you have provided your mobile number, you will either receive a code via text or you will receive a phone call. At no point during a mobile phone bill casino deposit will you be asked to supply additional information such as your bank or credit card details.

What is a minimum deposit amount?

A minimum deposit amount is the lowest amount that you can deposit. At online casinos, the minimum deposit typically ranges between €5 and €20. You can find the minimum deposit amount for most casinos on their website. It should be listed on the banking page, the payments page, or the FAQ page. If you cannot find the amount, you can contact support.

What are Transaction Limits and are the deposits instant?

Yes, pay by phone deposits are instant. They reflect in your casino balance immediately after the deposit process has been completed. Transaction limits are the maximum value of all transactions for a specified timeframe. Most mobile pay by phone services are capped at €30 a day. This means that you won’t be able to deposit more than €30 a day at online casinos if you are using pay by mobile phone exclusively.

Is it safe to deposit Pay by phone at online casinos?

Yes. Pay by phone is a safe method since the only information you need to provide is your phone number. As long as the online casino that you are playing at is licensed and regulated by a trusted gambling authority, your funds will be safe. Licensed online casinos must adhere to strict rules and regulations or they risk losing their licences. These casinos must guarantee that players’ deposits are protected and that legitimate withdrawal requests are paid. Additionally, regulated online casinos must adhere to data protection policies to maintain the privacy of all players

What Ireland Casinos accept Mobile Deposits?

There are plenty of online Ireland casinos that accept mobile deposits via e-wallets and other payment providers such as Interac. However, there are much fewer online Ireland casinos that accept mobile pay by phone deposits. Mobile pay by phone deposits are slowly gaining momentum in Ireland, and the rest of the world. This is because online casinos are so focused on integrating e-wallet payments that they overlook mobile pay by phone deposits. The trend is growing and we can expect to see more and more online casinos in Ireland that support mobile pay by phone in the future.

How We Review the Best Pay by Phone Casinos?

When we review pay by phone casinos, we apply the same rigorous testing that we do when we review all online casinos. We cross-reference the licences with the licensing authority to be sure that the licence is legitimate, we assess the fees charged for deposits and withdrawals, we test the customer service portals, and we test the games. We also scrutinise the details of the bonuses offered and evaluate the withdrawal timeframes. We always test online casinos that offer mobile platforms on mobile devices to see if they run smoothly.

How do I pay to a mobile casino with phone credit?

All you have to do to transfer the money is choose the pay by phone option when you deposit. Before you can make a deposit you need to have an account with the casino. The process goes like this: register for a free casino account, make sure that you are logged into your account, navigate to the deposit area, select pay by phone as the payment method, enter the amount you want to deposit, enter your telephone number, and confirm the transaction. You will receive a phone call or text message with a code. Insert the code into the space provided by the casino and hit enter. » Payments » Pay By Phone Casinos Ireland 2023
Last updated: 22. August 2023