Top Casino Payment Methods in Ireland 2023

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The online casino industry in Ireland is currently experiencing a boom. There are more players than ever, and this has led to a palpable increase in the demand for online betting payment methods. As new vendors spring forth in the industry, new needs arise, and even newer vendors appear on the scene with other payment methods.

Right now, there are so many available payment methods operated by different vendors that online casinos and players are spoiled for choice. However, despite having so many choices many players still don’t know their best options when it comes to instant deposits. That’s why it’s important for them to know the options they have, and the top online casino payment methods in Ireland they can actually make use of when playing games with online casinos.

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Online Casinos with popular deposit Methods

What is A Casino Payment Provider

According to analysts, the online casino gambling market is set to surpass a hundred billion dollars by 2027. That’s a lot of money. With such intense capital swimming in the system, online casinos need a reliable way for players to make bank transfers, online payments, transfer money.

However, an online casino website can’t just use any kind of payment option to process these payments. They need a reliable service because regular payment options aren’t suited to the online casino business for a lot of different reasons. These online casinos payment methods are great for casinos because they make deposits, online payments, and withdrawing funds seamless.

Online casinos games are really popular in Ireland, and as a result there are so many payment methods for folks to choose from to use in payment. These payment methods support anything from bank transfers to basically any other payment method. If you’re looking to play for real, you’ll certainly find payment options that will be a great fit for whatever payment methods you want to use to get into the game.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are probably the most common online casino payment method. The reason is simple; most people in Ireland make use of credit and debit cards when making payments. Players who want to start a game through an online deposit can make that deposit easily by entering the details of their credit or debit cards. It’s certainly one of the most easily accessible payment methods for online casinos.


Visa is one of the world’s biggest companies in the electronic payments industry and is very important to online casinos. Although Visa issues cards, they don’t offer credit cards function. In fact, they don’t issue their cards directly and only do that through member financial institutions. And these institutions mostly issue them as debit cards.

If you have a visa card from your service provider, you ought to be able to perform an online casino deposit since most mobile casinos support them and it works like a debit card. It’s certainly a very safe payment method.


MasterCard is another electronic payment processing company just like Visa. A MasterCard isn’t a credit card. Instead, it’s a debit card that is usually issued by member financial institutions.

The company is essentially a network payment processor and a debit card company that aligns itself with banks. If you’ve got a MasterCard, be rest assured that you’d be able to fund your casino account through it.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfer is probably one of the easiest ways to fund your casino account. All you need to do is connect your bank account to the casino account by inputting your bank details, and then make a bank transfer to your account with the casino.

However, you’ve got to be really careful with this, as connecting your bank account to shady online casinos can make it easier for thieves to steal your bank details. While this payment method is generally safe, it depends a lot on you being vigilant about where you input your personal information.


PayPal is another payment method that can be used to pay fund your online casino account. To use PayPal, all you need to do is create a paypal account which works like an e wallet on your mobile device. Once you’ve got your account all set up, you’d be able to convert your real money to casino tokens through a simple transfer from your PayPal account.


Skrill is a e wallet provider which offers a range of online payment and cash transfer services. The processor is a bit like PayPal, and basically does everything PayPal does. You can create an account with Skrill, and then use it to turn your real money into casino tokens. The big difference between Skrill and PayPal is that Skrill charges a lower per-transaction cost than PayPal.


Neteller is an e wallet system that allows you to transfer and receive money seamlessly from any number of sources. In practice, Neteller is a lot like PayPal and Skrill. All you need to do is create an account, and you’d be able to send money to your casino wallet and start playing games.


PaySafe is an e wallet online payment system with a lot of digital payment services working under it. One of those brands is Neteller, and PaySafeCard is just another payment service under the companies vast umbrella.

Paysafecard is essentially a prepaid option that allows for quick online payments for merchants everywhere — even online casinos. The great thing about Paysafecard is that these quick e wallet payments don’t require bank account information. It’s certainly an easy way of making deposits.


Trustly is a bit different from the other payment processors on this list. The reason for that difference is that the service doesn’t come with an app or a card so it’s not your regular e wallet. It’s essentially an open banking method that allows users to shop and pay from their online bank. Players who’d like to make a casino deposit can fund their casino accounts through this particular payment method. It’s probably one of the easiest way to make online payments.


EcoPayz is a global payment solutions provider. EcoPayz isn’t the most popular payment processor or e wallet, but the global reach of the company makes it one of the most reliable payment methods for online casinos. Paying through EcoPayz is pretty easy. All you need is to create an account, fund it and use it to fund your online casino account through a casino deposit.

Google Pay

Google Pay is an online payments service that is based on your Google account. Only players that have a Google account can pay through the Google Pay payment method.

The great thing about this payment method is that it’s very seamless, since you can pay directly from your Google account on whatever mobile casino app you’re using. It’s truly one of the best payment methods online.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a lot like Google pay. The only real difference between both payment methods is that Apple Pay is only for people with Apple accounts. To have one and use this payment method, you must have an iOS device. If you don’t, just skip this.

To make a payment on an online casino, all you need to do is use the Apple pay option and you’d be asked to verify your identity and authenticate your purchase through your face ID.

This method is certainly one of the safest payment methods in the industry.


Cryptocurrency are pretty new payment methods, but they are already getting really popular due to their decentralised nature. The most popular crypto right now is bitcoin.

To fund a casino account through cryptocurrency, all you need to do is transfer the crypto from your online wallet to your casino account.

However, you must note that despite the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, they haven’t yet become widespread and as such some online casinos may not have the crypto payment option. Despite this, it’s a great payment method for crypto enthusiasts.

How To Make an Online Casino Deposit

Depositing money in online casinos isn’t that difficult. While it’s true that many online casinos have different deposit processes, the major steps are still pretty similar across board. While a lot of the extras may vary, it’s still essentially the same payment method.

Here are the four major steps to take to make a casino deposit:

Casino Payment Method Deposits and Withdrawals Limits

If you have chosen one out of the several payment methods available to you, you now have to decide on how much to actually deposit through your payment method.

Many casinos have a minimum deposit policy. That means you cannot deposit less than a particular amount of money. For most casinos, this value is usually around 10€. However, some casinos have minimum deposits of around 20€.

Some casinos also have withdrawal limits. That is, regardless of what withdrawal method you use, you cannot withdraw past a certain amount. Those limits are less universal than the deposit limits so they vary heavily from one casino to another.

Minimum and Maximum Withdrawals

All casinos have a minimum and maximum withdrawal limit. The minimum withdrawal limit sets the least amount of money that can be withdrawn by a player, and the maximum limit is the most amount that can be withdrawn by a player.

Minimum and Maximum Deposits

The minimum and maximum deposit limits are like the withdrawal limits too. They set the minimum amount of money that can be deposited through bank transfer and all other payment options.

For players making online payments through one of the several casino deposit methods or making deposits, these limits control just how much and how little they can deposit. The best online casinos have high maximum limits and really low minimum limits.

Our Own Tips on Choosing The Best Casino Payment Methods For you

Since there are so many options to choose from, it can be really difficult to choose the best casino payment method for you. However, you don’t need to fret. For the most part, all the payment methods are reliable, so the only variable you need to worry about is yourself.

How difficult is it for you to access these payment methods? If you’re already using crypto in everyday payments, it might be easier for you to use the crypto payment option. And if you already pay through PayPal using the deposit method might be easy for you. All that matters is you choose something that works for you completely.

Casino Payment Methods FAQs

What casinos pay out immediately?

Most casinos pay out funds immediately. In fact, if there are no verification issues you should be able to immediately start the process of withdrawing funds. There are some online casinos that even ask you if you want to get paid through alternative payment methods.

How do I deposit money into an online casino?

There are a lot of different deposit methods you could use. However, the deposit process in itself is pretty easy. All you need to do is create an account, click on the deposit or cashier icon, and choose a deposit method. Once you've done that, you'd be absolutely free to go off and play your favourite casino games.

How do I withdraw money from online casino?

Again, most online casinos have different withdrawal methods. But for the most part, you only need to do is click on a withdraw icon, and choose a way to make your withdrawal. Some casino operators take longer than others, but you generally should have received your money within the hour. So if you have a big winning and would like to get your casino bonus quickly, don't worry — your money will get to you soon enough.

Do you need a bank account for online gambling?

It really depends on your deposit and withdrawal method. If you've chosen a method that doesn't require a bank account, then you don't need one. You can simply fund your account and start playing the casino games you want to play.

Can you use a debit card for online gambling?

Yes. MasterCard and Visa cards, for example, are all debit cards. So, yes, you can use a debit card for online gambling. Most casino operators will accept them.

How long does it take for online casino to pay?

It really varies from casino to casino. However, most of them pay out within the hour, and some pay out within the minute. It all depends on a multitude of factors.

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