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This is our advertisement policies and disclosure page which has all the information on how we generate revenue through our website. We promise transparency to our users around our own advertisement policies and how we generate revenue on our website, similar to how we show unbiased, factual and accurate information regarding online casinos. This article will cover this topic in more detail and after reading it will give you a better understanding and clarity surrounding our operations.

There is a strict and clear separation between advertising and editorial content on We hope to balance your reading experience with our on-site advertisement without one compromising the other. This goes for our page design along with the amount of advertisement we include with any given article.

How we make money

We generate revenue for our website by partnering with advertisers and partners who are seeking exposure to our users, this allows us to keep the website free and continue to create exceptional content for our users. This article will go through the many different forms our partnerships we have with our website. While we do require the partnerships in order to run our site, we continue to stress the fact that these partnerships, their advertorial content and sponsorships have zero influence on our content or the information we provide to our users. Keeping our users engaged, with up-to-date information and satisfied with the website and its running is our main priority, we don’t have a business without keeping and maintaining the large numbers of users visiting our site on a daily basis.

Having editorial independence is important to us. The spreading of false information would severely tarnish our reputation with our users and likely destroy our business as it currently works.

There will most likely be a list of different online casinos when you enter any given article on our site. We do have an affiliate agreement with most of these online casinos, When they receive signups from our users following the affiliate links on our site, they pay us a commission. There are different terms and conditions for all these different forms of affiliate agreements, but we do receive a commission as part of each one.

Comparison lists displaying partners

Comparison lists or tables are a prominent fixture in most of our articles, this is where all our different online casino providers will feature. The order in which these providers appear can be dependent on the advertising agreement we have with them (for example: A user searching for an online casino provider that accepts PayPal will only be shown casino providers in the list that has PayPal listed as a payment method), but we do only list providers that are relevant to the search query made by our user. The fact of it all is that the best-paying providers will feature more prominently in any relevant list or table to their service, this does not mean, that we will list any badly reviewed online casinos.

Here is an example below:


Example of comparison lists displaying partners

The partner that is paying a higher commission is ranked further up the list, this is one that matches our user’s initial search query.

Position sales on the website

Advertisement partners will sometimes be propositioned with a certain list or table position when negotiating an advertisement agreement with them. All such positions are marked with a “Sponsored” tag and our users can identify these partners as having paid for the prominent listing. We receive a fixed commission for such a position without any of our users needing to click on the link.

Conclusion of disclosure

The take-home note is we generate revenue on this website and we do this by earning commission on affiliate links which we hope this advertising disclosure explains. As was stated, this allows our users to enjoy free, independent content on the Irish online casino industry at no expense.

Advertising disclosure FAQs

How does the site make money?

The site makes money through affiliate links which generate a small commission for us when our users follow them and sign up for a new online casino. This revenue helps with the maintenance of our website, paying our staff their salaries and reinvesting to continually make our service better.

Do you earn money from comparison lists?

The comparison lists do not directly generate revenue for our website. They do however aid it indirectly as we place the higher-paying partners further up the list which is more visible to the user. We earn money from the affiliate links established with these partners.

Are your casino comparisons 100% unbiased?

Yes, we publish content on numerous different online casinos and earn money from the affiliate agreements we have with these groups. But our content remains 100% independent of any bias as is our guarantee to our users. » Advertising disclosure
Last updated: 09/01/2023