How We Rate Casinos

We evaluate casinos based on a number of factors. After all, there are many different online casinos available in the Irish market, and their quality differs. Therefore, we have a list of essential characteristics that we may use to create correct evaluations and comparisons. This enables us to distinguish between the top Irish casinos and those that are still catching up. So, the following are the primary criteria we discuss when rating online casinos. 

Bonuses and promotions 

We begin with the elements that Irish players find most appealing. The welcome bonus and free spins are the first of these, and they are followed by reload bonuses and cashback offers. We also check to see whether there are bonuses specifically for mobile or live casino consumers. However, we’re not just focusing on the top-line numbers. Additionally, we want to make sure the wagering rules are compliant with industry norms. After all, obtaining a sizable lump sum of bonus money is useless if the wagering requirements are nearly impossible to meet. Beyond the phases of the welcome bonus, we also evaluate the additional promotions running all year long. Seasonal discounts and slot tournaments are two examples of this. So to sum up, we do everything possible. 

Range of casino games 

Inescapably, a player will spend the majority of their time playing casino games. Therefore, having a wide variety of slot machines (poker), progressive jackpots, table games, and live dealer games is essential. We also check to determine if there are any additional forms of gambling, such as sports betting and player-versus-player poker. Additionally, it’s usually important to verify that a wide selection of some of the greatest game providers is available. For instance, at least one of the major players like Microgaming, NetEnt, or Playtech should be present. Additionally, there must be a means to search for and filter options where there are many to choose from. If Irish casino sites follow the advice given above, we give them good reviews. 

Return to player (RTP) 

It is one thing to have access to every casino game imaginable. However, it won’t offer the finest experience until the payout percentages are on par with the best of them. As a result, we closely monitor the return to player (RTP) percentages that the online casino advertises. For instance, we’re searching for video slots and pokies with RTPs in the high 90s. Progressive jackpots worth millions of dollars are on the low side, but non-jackpot slots are not forgivable. Along the same line, we also favor and desire to see traditional table games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette offered with a sufficiently low house edge. We’re likely to give a casino a very good rating in this category when it doesn’t take advantage of any of the aforementioned points. 

 Site design and useability 

Along with the option to browse and filter games, the site’s general usability and navigation are also provided. Irish players prefer to have the most crucial information at their fingertips at all times. Additionally, it ought to only take one or two clicks to access all of the major sites. It shouldn’t be difficult to enter the cashier area or make a deposit, for instance. Similar rules apply when asking to withdraw a customer’s earnings. As another illustration, we will deduct points if it takes us a long time to locate information on a promotion. Having said that, the majority of Irish gaming websites are more than adequate in this regard. Of course, things may always be made better. Irish consumers are entitled to the best. 

Payment methods 

Customers will need to select a payment method when adding cash dollars to a playing account. Therefore, in our opinion, the more options that are available, the better. And we always tell our customers to make sensible decisions because they really do pay off. The small print on casino payment sites goes along with the variety of accepted payment options. For instance, we constantly take into account transfer and processing delays, deposit and withdrawal limitations, and any additional fees. For instance, long withdrawal wait times might negatively impact a customer’s perception of an online casino. As a result, whenever we evaluate and rate an online casino site, we give this area a significant priority. 

Customer support 

It’s frequently disregarded. But all the top Irish online casinos place a premium on providing excellent customer service. We understand as players that anything might happen and that an unforeseen issue could need to be rectified right away. It can be because of game limitations, issues with deposits, or an active bonus, all of which might reduce the excitement of a gaming session. Therefore, we require 24-hour customer support for Irish players in order to earn top marks. Additionally, we want to see helpful, polite, and on-time staff members who are accessible by live chat, email, and (on occasion) phone. Any issues can then be resolved before they become too serious. In conclusion, customer assistance is a crucial factor for us. 

Reputation and ownership 

Many Irish players don’t take into account this option either. However, we can almost certainly guarantee that the player will have an excellent experience by evaluating an Irish online casino site for its reputation. We constantly monitor gaming forums, social media, and online casino blacklists to determine whether a site is improving or pulling a quick one because of this. As the saying goes, a good reputation takes years to develop but only seconds to destroy. We, therefore, treat this material seriously. Additionally, we always check to see who owns the website. Online casinos sometimes belong to groups, and what happens at one site in the group might have an impact on all the others. This is why it’s crucial that we conduct extensive research. 

Licensing, privacy and security 

Irish gamers must, but certainly are not the least, feel comfortable and secure when playing online. So, in addition to reviewing the license’s specifics to make sure it is 100 percent real, we always look for the desired mark of approval from one of the major licensing bodies. We also take the time to notice that there is a strong and transparent privacy policy aimed at safeguarding the money and personal information of Irish players. Finally, we verify that the most recent encryption technology is being used to protect the entire casino website. Every page of an online casino needs to use encryption, and it should be at the very least SSL or TLS encryption. 

Are your reviews 100% unbiased? 

Yes. Although we do receive a little commission from affiliate links on our website, editorial material remains entirely under our complete control. This also applies to the viewpoints presented in our casino evaluations. This makes it possible for our users to always obtain accurate, up-front, and honest information on each casino we rank and review. 

How do you find RTP info for slots? 

The game itself contains information on return to player (RTP). Typically, accessing the RTP information requires clicking the I icon, rules, or settings. The player benefits more when RTP is represented as a percentage and is as near to 100% as possible. It is in this same way, that you may learn more about volatility. 

How do I find an online casino’s license? 

Usually, an online casino’s website’s footer contains this information. You should be able to get information on the casino’s license by clicking on the licensing authority’s emblem. Otherwise, there can be a text link with the license number in the website’s footer area. 

How do you test the casino’s customer support? 

We start by taking a look at the contact pages and other avenues for contacting the customer service team. If possible, we would want to have access to 24-hour assistance, as well as a variety of contact options. After that, we send several test questions through email or live chat to assess knowledge and response time. » How We Rate Casinos
Last updated: 9. January 2023