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The emerald isle is not unacquainted with betting. It has a rich history of betting sprawled over decades. And now, over time, the enthusiasm around the online gambling industry has increased. The current trend is tilted more towards online betting in Ireland, so is the proliferation of online betting options over the years.

This guide will enhance your online betting experience. Here you will learn about the nuisances of online betting, get our recommended list of the best Irish betting sites for in-play betting, get started with free bet stakes, expert tips to make the most out of these sports betting sites, and much more. Let’s get started!

A word of caution before we begin, a gambling addiction can be quite harmful. Please gamble responsibly & always lookout for signs of addiction.

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Most Popular Betting Sites in Ireland

Definition: What is Betting Sites?

Gone are the days when players had to visit the actual location to place their bets on any legal sporting event, let’s say on horse racing or football. Thanks to the growth of betting websites online, players can remotely place their bets on any sporting event happening anywhere.

A sports betting site is like an online sportsbook where you can place your bets on odds guaranteed to win. You can compare different odds and place the most competitive betting odds you like. The new betting sites that mostly started as online casinos have now branched out as online sportsbooks.

A betting site is not just for a single sport; you can place bets on multiple sports.

How We Rate and Review the Best Betting Sites

There are plenty of sports betting sites around and about. How do you know which betting sites are good and which ones will make you regret your decision to place bets online? Here are the top parameters we review to find the best online betting sites.

Safety and Security

The last thing you want is an online betting account that isn’t secure. You may have to face dire consequences if your information reaches unauthorized entities. So, we try our best to find the safest online betting sites that will keep your profile & payment information private.


People are more inclined towards online bookmaker sites that have a good reputation. It instils trust in the players, and they are more inclined to make deposits with that betting site. We monitor the most popular Irish betting sites and ensure that they have good feedback from their clients.

Market Variety

There are various sports betting markets popular in Ireland like football, horse racing, basketball, etc. And players can have an interest in more than one sport. So, it’s a good sign if a betting site can provide the variety the player is looking for.

Exciting Bonuses

Many online betting sites have different exciting bonuses for their new and regular players. Online sites have bonuses like a casino, a sportsbook bonus, and free bets to engage their players. And we find the sites with the best bonuses for you.


The entire point of betting is getting the best odds and winning. That makes this criterion one of our top-most priorities. So, we find the sites with the most competitive odds at great prices. These odds are guaranteed to give you a great chance to win.

Fast and Easy Payment Methods

You need 2-3 reliable and easy-to-use payment methods while betting. That’s why the best betting sites offer several payment methods that people rely on. And we find these casinos that have plenty of options for you.

Customer Support

If you face issues while playing on an online betting site, you turn to their customer support. Therefore, customer support needs to have a quick turnaround time and should be able to answer your queries.

Unique Features

Online betting sites need to have that x-factor that makes them the best. They need to have unique features that make the customers happy and give them a great experience on their website. These features go a long way in building a loyal clientele.

Mobile Compatibility

These days bettors are inclined a great deal towards betting from their smartphones. They thoroughly enjoy the flexibility of mobile devices. Therefore online betting websites need to have a version that will work well on mobile devices like smartphones and even tablets.

Licensing and Legislation

A license assures that the betting site maintains certain standards. It also reduces the risk f fraud and scams. Therefore we ensure that our recommended betting sites are legal. All the above sites have a proper license issued by the UK Gambling commission.

How to Sign Up on Betting Sites

Each betting site has its own procedure to set up an account and use it. All the best casinos ensure that these processes are easy to understand. So, the first step to betting in an online casino is signing up on that platform. Let us understand how to sign up on betting sites using Mastercard, which is one of the preferred modes of payment.
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: LaptopSmartphoneTablets Supply needed: TimeMoney
Choose the Best Online Casino
Choose the Best Online Casino Pick the online casino with the best deals like free bets in the welcome package. Also, make sure that it has the sport you want to bet on. Step 1
Enter Details
Enter Details The site will ask you to enter your details to create an online betting account. Make sure you fill in the information carefully. Confirm the details before going ahead. Step 2
Avail Bonuses if any
Avail Bonuses if any If you have chosen a Mastercard online casino that offers bonuses, then make sure that you claim your bonus. If you don’t, there is a chance it might become invalid.  Step 3
Select Mastercard
Select Mastercard In the payment methods, select Mastercard as your preferred payment. Now, you can make a deposit using your Mastercard. Now you are good to go. Step 4

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing in Sports Betting Sites

Online betting sites are becoming quite popular in Ireland. A lot of punters are enjoying the benefits of online betting. People are responding well to online gambling, be it casino games or sports betting. So, here we will go through why people are moving more towards online betting.  Nothing can be perfect. Therefore, even something as successful as online sports betting has areas for improvement. So, along with the advantages, let’s also look at the areas where online sites are lacking. 


  • An online sports betting site gives the player the flexibility to play from the comfort of their house. And with the mobile versions of the sites, they have the flexibility to play anytime, anywhere. 
  • There is a lot of variety online. So, you can bet on multiple sports at the same time. It gives the players a choice to be involved in more than one market without having to change their website. 
  • Online sports betting sites have exciting bonuses like free bets, welcome bonuses, daily bonuses that give them a chance to win real money without losing. 
  • Online sites have plenty of payment methods that are safe and secure. It gives you an option to choose the ones best for you. 


  • Online sports betting relies on the internet. So, if you or the website loses connectivity, you stand to lose your money.
  • The betting sites strive to provide an excellent experience. However, it's difficult to match up to the land-based betting experience. 
  • Sometimes, it can take time for your winnings to appear in your account. And there can also be some issues during online transactions. The issues won't last, no doubt, but it is time-consuming.

Understanding Betting Odds

One of the most important aspects of betting is odds. And it can be quite confusing how these odds are calculated and which are the best odds. But, don’t worry. You are about to understand everything. There are three ways in which the odds are shown, and here is how each of them plays out.

Fractional Betting Odds

It can also be termed the traditional way of representing odds. These odds show the probability of an event. For example, the odds are Ireland 7/1 to beat England. Then it means there are seven matches and England will six-time and Ireland once. The in-play betting odds of either Ireland winning once or England winning six times. If you placed the bet on Ireland winning, your winnings are calculated as your bet multiplied by the fraction (7/1).

Decimal Betting Odds

These betting odds are simply fractional odds but in their decimal form. The only difference is that one is added to the decimal as it will calculate your winnings and what you will be returned. The more competitive odds are, the more you win.

American Betting Odds

These odds can be a bit difficult to understand. They seemed to be an enhanced odds version of the normal odds. These odds are in positive and negative forms. For example, if the odds are +100 and -115 and your bet is 10 Euros, then if you bet on the positive and you win, you get 11 Euros. And if you bet on the negative, you win 8.70 Euros.

Sports betting is quite popular in Ireland. Naturally, many major sports betting markets are very high in demand here. So, let’s look at some of the major sports in the best Irish betting sites here.

Horse Racing

Ireland is famous for horse racing as well as horse racing betting.
Ireland has some of the best race tracks globally, making Irish horse
racing famous worldwide. Naturally, most online sportsbooks have horse
racing betting as one of their prime features.


The Irish hugely follow football. Be it the League of Ireland or the English
Premier League; it has a huge fan following. So, football betting markets
are always buzzing, and bettors are always looking for a good football
betting site.

Gaelic Football

Gaelic football, the national sport of Ireland, is without a doubt quite
popular. There are more than 2000 Gaelic Football clubs across Ireland and
many major championships. This means people are constantly following Gaelic
football betting.


Hurling is one of the oldest played games in Ireland. For more than 3,000
years, the Irish have enjoyed watching the sport. This makes it quite
popular in the sports bet market for Ireland.

CS:GO Betting

Esports betting is becoming a big part of the sports betting market.
The young bettors are actively betting on CS: GO. Betting on esports is
definitely a recent development. Nevertheless, it is a huge market.


Many bettors are on the lookout for the best sports betting site for
Baseball. There is a steady crowd betting on the MLB. Betting sites are
offering various features like live streaming for this beloved game.


NBA, European Basketball championships, and other championships are very
famous in Ireland. If someone wants to make a sports bet on this game,
then online sportsbooks have various features like live-streaming and expert


The sports betting market for Tennis is quite huge. People bet on the French
Open, Wimbledon, and many more tennis tournaments. The betting sites offer
amazing bonuses as well as odds for betting on tennis tournaments.


When it comes to online betting markets, Rugby is a fan favourite.
The Irish like to bet on Six Nations, Rugby Union, Rugby League, etc.
Live-streaming and other exciting features enhance the betting experience
for Rugby.


MMA is one of the emerging markets on betting websites these days.
MMA is becoming a significant part of the Ireland sports betting world
rapidly. The best betting sites give excellent odds on MMA and UFC.

Most Common Payment Methods in Betting Sites

You need a trustworthy, fast, and easy-to-use payment method for online betting sites. That is why the best sites have a variety of payment methods available so that you pick 2-3 that you are comfortable with. Here are some of the most common payment methods on betting sites.

Credit and Debit Cards

Some casinos allow credit cards; while some have banned them, you need to
check whether your site allows it. There are no transaction fees on using
cards, and the deposits are instant. However, it may take a while to reflect
withdrawals. Also, look for bet credits when betting online.


If you want to bet online, then E-wallets are a wonderful companion.
These E-wallets will keep your money safe, and the best part is that the
withdrawals are relatively faster. PayPal, Skrill, Neteller are some of
the frequently used e-wallets.

Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the safest ways of transacting online.
Your information will be secure from potential scammers.
Moreover, this payment method is fast and very easy to use.
It is a great alternative to card payments.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay provides payment facilities on several online platforms.
You can use it for various purposes, including betting.
Apple Pay is a common mode of payment for online betting in Ireland as it
is reliable and fast.


Cryptocurrency is a relatively new method of payment.
Therefore, online bookmakers have just started accepting it.
It is one of the safest payment methods on betting sites.
However, you need to see whether the casino does withdrawals also or only

Different Types of Sports Wager

If you want to place a sports bet online, you need to first understand the different types of wagers are. Understanding these sports wagers will help you make a better bet online. So, let’s take a look at the different bets.

Live Betting and Streaming in Ireland

After pre-match betting, live betting is becoming the next big thing and every best betting site is looking to offer such services. It allows you to place a qualifying bet while a game is ongoing. Moreover, many online bookmakers are streaming the game on their websites so that people can enjoy the experience of watching the game and betting in the same place.

When a betting site invests in streaming the games for betting, it makes a good impression on their bettors. It shows that the betting site wants to give its customers the best online betting experience.

New Betting Sites in Ireland

There are many new betting sites emerging in Ireland, and what’s more, people are taking an interest in them. One of the best parts about these new betting sites is that they offer plenty of exciting incentives in the form of the welcome bonus. sportsbook bonus, quick bet settlement, free bets, etc. These incentives encourage people to place competitive odds on these new betting sites. And why not?

With casino bonuses, even first-time players can place their first bets without having to risk their own money. They have a chance to win real money without the risk of losing.

Mobile Betting Sites in Ireland

The majority of the people are attached to their phones. Smartphones are becoming an all-purpose tool. And they are also easily portable. All these factors make mobile betting sites an instant success.

The betting app for mobile devices is compatible with Android, iOS devices. All the bettors have to do is download this betting app on their mobile devices and start betting. All the features like depositing, withdrawing, betting, etc., are available on these apps. And people can bet from anywhere at any time. No wonder mobile betting sites in Ireland are rapidly growing!

Our Final Tips and Tricks in Playing Sports Betting

Playing in a sports betting site can be quite rewarding if you play your cards right. Make sure you use the free bets credited to your account wisely. There are a lot of online bookmakers to place in-play odds. However, you need to pick the one that is best for you based on the above criteria. Ensure that you pick a site that is properly regulated & licensed by competent authorities like the UK Gambling Commission.

Finally, gambling can be quite addictive. Please gamble responsibly. Make sure you set limits on yourself like not spending more than the budget, betting only in your free time, not betting the money required for other aspects of life like debt, etc.

Betting Sites FAQ's

What is the most popular betting site?

We have mentioned the list of best-betting sites Ireland offer. Every popular betting site has some special features that make it unique and desirable to a huge crowd. Popular betting sites are well-regulated & licensed to offer safe & secure betting, fast deposits & withdrawn and excellent mobile compatibility.

Can I win real money in betting Sites?

Yes, of course, you can win real money on betting sites. Once you make a deposit in your betting account, you can bet on various sports. Depending on the terms of the betting site, all your winnings will be reflected in your bank account at the earliest. You can also win real money by utilizing the casino bonus, free bets, exchange bets. Please gamble responsibly to have more fun.

How do I place a bet online?

It is very easy to place a bet online. There are a few steps involved in betting in Ireland. First, you have to register with an online betting site. Then you need to choose your preferred payment method and make a deposit. Once that is done, you can place a bet on whatever game you want.

Is sportsbook legit and safe?

Yes, sportsbooks are legit and safe. Provided, you are betting on sites with proper licenses. Make sure you are placing bets with a well-reputed online bookmaker. You can also use that sportsbook's dedicated sports betting app to safely place a bet.

Are Betting sites legal in Ireland?

Yes, betting sites in Ireland are legal. Physical, as well as online betting, is legal in Ireland. The Betting Amendment Act of 2015 protects online bookmakers. This act also mentions taxation requirements and licensing policies for sportsbooks in other countries. You can also choose a betting site from the above list and start betting on your favourite sports.

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