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On our website, Eireonlinecasino, we have a large number of online casinos and sports betting partners. Therefore, you should definitely contact us if you run an online casino or sportsbook that caters to Irish clientele. We already work with some of the top names in the industry, and we wouldn’t want you to lose out. So, in this section, we’ll discuss the major advantages of working with Eireonlinecasino, how to list your online casino or sportsbook, and how to get started by getting in touch with our Partnership Team.

Why partner with Eireonlinecasino?

Affiliate sites can be found when Irish players search for online casinos, sports betting sites, and welcome bonuses (to mention a few). One of these affiliate websites, our own Eireonlinecasino, specialises in reviews of online casinos, sportsbook websites, and bonuses. As a result, working with us will bring highly-targeted visitors to your website that is already interested in the goods you are selling. So in many ways joining our partner program is a no-brainer. You’ll get a lot of potential consumers from us, many of whom will register on your website. And as payment for our efforts, we merely request a little commission.

What we can do for your brand

The advantages of working with Eireonlinecasino go far beyond just increased traffic. Our thorough reviews are foremost among these. We spend a lot of time thoroughly examining each of our highlighted sites. Players can get a sense of your website before they come if you do this and showcase all of your top features. Additionally, they will learn about your welcome bonus, free spin deals, and free bets. Not to mention your gaming preferences, payment options, customer service, etc.

Another advantage is that we highlight the best casino bonuses in what we refer to as top lists. All of our primary pages on the website have these at least once. Therefore, by collaborating with us, your brand will appear on our top lists and may possibly drive additional people your way. Since all of our links go straight to your registration page, it’s incredibly straightforward for new users to sign up and make their first deposit. You’re also more likely to convert from these connections than from Google directly because these links are being followed by potential players.

Not least, we will add more links to your website from various pages. In terms of SEO, this is excellent. Additionally, your brand will receive more visibility across search engines like Google, which is great news. It’s a win-win situation for both your website and ours, as we stated above.

How to get listed at Eireonlinecasino

Joining forces with Eireonlinecasino is simple and easy. Below, we’ll go over the procedure in more depth. But first, we want to let you know about the requirements we have for all of our affiliate listings.

Requirements for getting listed

You will receive a detailed list of everything we need when we partner with a website. This also applies to any visual materials that may be shown on our site next to your review and other items. Additionally, we need the exact terms and conditions for any benefits you want to advertise on the website. In order to highlight your seasonal specials in news articles on our website, we might need information about them.

Our reviews are 100% unbiased

At Eireonlinecasino, we take great satisfaction in providing a transparent and truthful source of information regarding the Irish gambling industry. As a result, we must insist that partners have no input into how we evaluate and grade sportsbook and casino websites. That’s not to mean that you won’t be able to recommend corrections if any of our entries contain factual errors. Just that partners can’t influence our opinions.

We only list licensed gambling sites

This is a major point. After reading about the websites featured at Eireonlinecasino, we want our readers to feel comfortable and secure about their decisions. Therefore, we demand that each and every online casino and sportsbook has a valid license. At the outset of our cooperation and on several occasions going forward, we will check this. If we find that a license has been revoked or has expired, we may also blacklist the offending site in addition to removing it.

How to partner with us

The first step is to contact us using the information provided below. After that, one of our relationship managers will reply to you with further details. Overall, the time from the initial call and being featured won’t be too long.

How to get in touch with us

Please email [email protected] with any partnership inquiries. or send us a message through our Contact page. » For Partners
Last updated: 9. January 2023